‘It isn’t tough’: Josh Reynolds takes aim at Pangai Junior over Cronk shot

Wests Tigers half Josh Reynolds has slammed Brisbane wrecking ball for his late shot on Sydney playmaker Cooper Cronk which led to Pangai receiving a two week ban.

“There’s not one tough thing about hitting someone when they’re not looking,” Reynolds told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“I don’t care what anyone says, the best players to ever play this game are saying it, it’s not about protecting them, you just don’t do it.

“You’re big, you’re tough, you’re strong and you’ll have chances to show that but targeting someone that’s twenty kilograms less weight, it’s not tough.

“At the Tigers we’re all about pressuring them but there’s definitely a line.

“I think sometimes it might give a team a bit of a lift even if the halfback goes off, but I definitely don’t think it’s good the game, especially when they kick and they go for the legs, it’s literally got danger written all over it.

“The NRL Judiciary took a stamp on Pangai this week and that might stop them.”

Reynolds and Wests Tigers face Pangai’s Broncos this Thursday night.

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