Today Show’s AFL crapfest will only kill it quicker as ratings continue to spiral


What is going on at The Today Show? You’d swear they were the official broadcaster of the AFL if their recent antics are anything to go by.

Ratings have been in free fall and they’re getting bashed daily by Sunrise over on Channel Seven.

Just the other day they were beaten by the ABC morning show which is no small accomplishment.

On Friday morning, The Today Show’s sports reporter Tony Jones (Victorian), seemingly oblivious to the major portion of his audience at home, waxed lyrical about the Collingwood versus Richmond Aussie Rules game. Apparently he and news reporter Tom Steinfort (Victorian) had a bet and with Steinfort’s side losing, he had to sing the other mob’s team song.

Live on air. Look out!

The rest of the Today Show team cheered and clapped at this momentous Australian television occasion.

Okay, okay, it might be cringe worthy to people in the northern states but who really cares, right?

It’s not the end of the world – just don’t shove it down our throats.

Even more disturbing was the fact that Jones at one point failed to even report the amazing game of rugby league played at Suncorp Stadium last night between Brisbane and St George Illawarra. Wasn’t even good enough to show a two second clip. Official broadcaster of the NRL – Channel Nine.

And it isn’t the first time this has happened – they have form.

Last week, on the opening night of the AFL season in Melbourne, a huge brawl erupted in the crowd with someone recording it on their phone.

Jones, speaking about it the next morning, somehow dragged rugby league into it labeling it a problem for both the AFL and NRL.

Last time we checked, dust ups at the NRL are very rare. Some recent fights at the AFL have been hard to watch including one fan stomping the head of another in a street after the match.

Let’s not even start on the racism.

The fact is The Today Show is getting destroyed in the ratings.

They won’t get any better if people in NSW and QLD, or NRL fans anywhere, have to keep waking up to AFL sleeper cells ruining their breakfast.

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