Ten of the best goalkicking forwards of the modern era


They are rare – very rare. Goalkicking forwards. Is there anything better?

As rare as hen’s teeth but still one of the great visions in the modern day game.

Why should the backs have all the fun?

Here are ten of the best goalkicking forwards of the modern era.

10: Gavin Hill 1992-1993

Image result for gavin hill rugby league

9: Issac Luke 2007-Current

Image result for issac luke kicking

8: Mark Riddell 2001-2011

7: Sio Siua Taukeiaho 2013-Current

Image result for Sio Siua Taukeiaho

6: Terry Matterson 1986-1995

Image result for terry matterson broncos

5: Wayne Bartrim 1991-2001

Image result for wayne bartrim dragons

4: Corey Parker 2001-2016

3: David Furner 1992-2000

Image result for david furner raiders

2: Craig Fitzgibbon 1998-2009

Image result for craig fitzgibbon goal kick

1: Cameron Smith 2002-Current

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