Alphabetical all-time rugby league XVII: P


It is about half past (whatever o’clock) and you’re standing
around the bonfire talking footy.

The topic gets to fantasy footy teams and old mate throws up a
cracker: “What about teams made up of alphabetical letters?”

Jaws drop. Seas part.

Or is that just us?

Fantasy XVII: The letter ‘P’

1 Don Parish (Australia, NSW, Western Suburbs)

2 David Peachey (Australia, NSW, Cronulla, South Sydney)

3 Cliff Pearce (Australia, NSW, Western Suburbs, North Sydney)

4 Dick Poole (Australia, NSW, Newtown, Western Suburbs)

5 Noel Pidding (Australia, NSW, St George, Eastern Suburbs)

6 John Peard (Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta, St

7 Denis Pittard (Australia, NSW, South Sydney, Western Suburbs, Parramatta)

8 Peter Provan (Australia, Balmain, St George)

9 Sandy Pierce (Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs)

10 Steve Price (Australia, QLD, Canterbury, New Zealand)

11 Wayne Pearce (Australia, NSW, Balmain)

12 Norm Provan (c) (Australia, NSW, St George)

13 Ray Price (Australia, NSW, Parramatta)


14 Wally Prigg (Australia, NSW)

15 Greg Pierce (Australia, NSW Cronulla)

16 Joe Pearce (Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs)

17 Harry Pierce (Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs, St George)

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