Alphabetical all-time rugby league XVII: K


It is about half past (whatever o’clock) and you’re standing
around the bonfire talking footy.

The topic gets to fantasy footy teams and old mate throws up a
cracker: “What about teams made up of alphabetical letters?”

Jaws drop. Seas part.

Or is that just us?

Fantasy XVII: The letter ‘K’

1 Harry Kadwell: (NSW, St George, South Sydney)

2 Bill Keato (Western Suburbs)

3 Bill Kelly (Australia, New Zealand, Balmain)

4 Ross Kite (Australia, NSW, St George, Canterbury)

5 Johnny King (Australia, NSW, St George)

6 Brett Kenny (Australia, NSW, Parramatta)

7 Brett Kimmorley (Australia, NSW, Melbourne, Cronulla,
Canterbury, Northern Eagles)

8 David Klemmer (Australia, NSW, Canterbury, Newcastle)

9 Ken Kearney (C) (Australia, NSW, St George)

10 Noel Kelly (Australia, NSW, QLD, Western Suburbs)

11 Ben Kennedy (Australia, NSW, Newcastle, Manly)

12 Stephen Kearney (New Zealand, Melbourne, Auckland, Western

13 Jack Kingston (Australia, NSW, Western Suburbs)


14 Peter Kelly (NSW, Canterbury, Penrith, Newtown)

15 Robbie Kearns (Australia, NSW, Melbourne, Cronulla)

16 Brent Kite (Australia, Tonga, NSW, Manly, St George
Illawarra, Canberra, Penrith)

17 Max Krilich (Australia, NSW, Manly)

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