Alphabetical all-time rugby league XVII: H


It is about half past (whatever o’clock) and you’re standing
around the bonfire talking footy.

The topic gets to fantasy footy teams and old mate throws up a
cracker: “What about teams made up of alphabetical letters?”

Jaws drop. Seas part.

Or is that just us?

Fantasy XVII: The letter ‘H’

1 Howard Hallett (Australia, NSW, South Sydney)

2 Harold Horder (Australia, NSW, South Sydney, North Sydney)

3 Mark Harris (Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney)

4 Justin Hodges (Australia, QLD, Brisbane, Sydney)

5 Jarryd Hayne (Australia, NSW, Parramatta, Gold Coast)

6 Arthur Halloway (Australia, NSW, QLD, Balmain, Eastern
Suburbs, Glebe)

7 Keith Holman (C) (Australia, NSW, Western Suburbs)

8 Duncan Hall (Australia, QLD)

9 Arthur Hennessy (Australia, NSW, South Sydney, Eastern

10 Paul Harragon (Australia, NSW, Newcastle)

11 Nathan Hindmarsh (Australia, NSW, Parramatta)

12 Bill Hamilton (Australia, NSW, Manly, North Sydney)

13 Ellery Hanley (Great Britain, Balmain, Western Suburbs)


14 Brian Hambly (Australia, NSW, Parramatta, South Sydney)

15 Ernie Hammerton (Australia, NSW, South Sydney)

16 Phil Hawthorne (Australia, NSW, St George, Eastern Suburbs)

17 Des Hasler (Australia, NSW, Manly, Western Suburbs, Penrith)

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