Steele Sports’ International Cabramatta Nines schedule

The81stMinute Call Team’s International Cabramatta Nines
2nd of February, 2019
On air: 9.30am
Commentary Team: Curtis Woodward, Nick Kutnjak, Cam Hickson, Keith Payne, Tony Dosen, Justin Pineda.

10am: Ozzy Cooks v USA Tomahawks – Pool A
10.25am: Cabramatta Royal v The Kooris – Pool C
10.50am: French Banty Roosters Blue v Colombia – Pool E
11.15am: ASEAN v Ozzy Cooks – Pool A
11.40am: Poland v Ireland – Pool D
12.05am: French Banty Roosters Red v Japan Ronins – Pool F
12.30am: QLD PNG Kokomos v Mediterranean – Pool B
12.55am: The Kooris v South Sudan – Pool C
1.20pm: Cabramatta Sky v French Banty Roosters Red – Pool F
2pm: Physical Disability Rugby League
2.35pm: 9th ranked team v 16th ranked team
3pm: 10th ranked team v 15th ranked team
3.25pm: 1st ranked team v 8th ranked team
3.50pm: 2nd ranked team v 7th ranked team
4.15pm: Winner Game 19 v Winner Game 20
4.40pm: Winner Game 23 v Winner Game 24
5.05pm: Physical Disability Rugby League
5.30pm: Women’s Final
6pm: Trophy Final
6.30pm: Cup Final


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