May 19, 2022

Did former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd use a burner account to troll the NRL?

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Okay so this may sound a little bizarre. Perhaps we’re just weary after a brutally long year of rugby league. Maybe we’re just losing it a tad but we just had to share.

So in our travels, on a lazy Thursday afternoon, trawling through the usual muck and grime, we came across a tweet bagging the NRL.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Thick skins and all that. But then we saw this nobody pumping up AFL and soccer in the next breath. And around here, we don’t like other sports. So we clicked.

As suspected and surely expected, this troll followed almost nobody. Six people to be precise. When we skimmed over his tweet history, it was obvious they had a fair interest in politics – bashing Liberals more to the point. He also occasionally tweeted about QLD politics. Those he followed didn’t really surprise us. Former PM Kevin Rudd, Opposition leader Bill Shorten, Linda Burney, yada, yada, yada. Pretty boring stuff.

Then we peeled another layer from the onion. Hmm. What do we have here?

You see, of his four followers none other than Mr. Kevin Rudd himself, was following @legit_question.

Yep, that Kevin Rudd. 1.56 million followers, blue tick and all.


But it couldn’t be K-Rudd – no way in hell. So we tried to work out a bit of a timeline and compare some tweets. Surprisingly, a fair few tweets actually married up.

On the 15th of December, Mr. Rudd posted a link to a BBC story on Australia moving its embassy to West Jerusalem.

“A politically craven decision by a failing prime minister,” Rudd began.

A few hours later, @legit_question tweeted:

“Morrison is all crap West Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. How did this Ponce get elected as PM. He does not have the credentials to be a Politian [sic] let alone PM of Australia. He had his head so far up his arse he can’t see the light. Mind u he is politically blind.”

There were more including this one from the 30th of November where again Kev posted a BBC link, this time about climate change and the PM Scott Morrison.

Prior to that tweet, the anonymous account posted and was a little more colourful calling some bloke called Matt Canavan a “sleaze bag”.

Then we realised we could at least check out @legit_question’s e-mail address (or fragments of it, anyway).

So it is, we could see that the troll’s e-mail address is km******@g****.com.

And what’s Ruddy’s middle name?


That starts with M!

We’re like proper Sherlocking right now!

Others to feel the wrath of @legit_question include Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, ex-referee and current QLD politician Tim Mander, Alan Jones, Peter Dutton, Rupert Murdoch, Ken Wyatt, Brisbane Broncos, Philip Ruddock, Judith Sloan, former Cricket Australia chairman David Peever, Ray Hadley, Gerard Henderson, Craig Kelly, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott.

Anyhow, we really do hope Krudd has a burner account.

If it really is you Kev, we say, keep up the good work.

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