Bennett swaps with Seibold after Broncos sack iconic coach

Wayne Bennett has been unceremoniously sacked by the Brisbane Broncos one year ahead of his planned departure with Broncos CEO Paul White admitting to firing Bennett via voicemail.

Bennett was spending time with his family when the call came through over the weekend.

It is understood the Broncos acted swiftly after receiving information Bennett had begun planning for his role as South Sydney coach in 2020.

His swap with Rabbitohs coach Anthony Seibold has now taken place.

“Today’s decision has certainly not been easy. It’s a very tough decision, one we never saw coming. We no longer had faith that we could give ourselves the best chance of performing if we continued on the path we were continuing on,” White said on Sunday at a press conference.

The Rabbitohs quickly announced Bennett was headed to Redfern immediately.

“I’m really pleased it’s all resolved and that I can join this great Club with a free mind, knowing I did the right thing by the fans, staff and players,” Bennett said.

“I’m really looking forward to being at South Sydney and working with the players, staff, Board and all of the Members.”

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