Alphabetical all-time rugby league XVII: N


It is about half past (whatever o’clock) and you’re standing around the bonfire talking footy.

The topic gets to fantasy footy teams and old mate throws up a cracker: “What about teams made up of alphabetical letters?”

Jaws drop. Seas part.

Or is that just us?

Fantasy XVII: The letter ‘N’

1 Webby Neill: NSW, South Sydney, Newtown, Glebe
2 Ken Nagas: Australia, NSW, Canberra

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3 Rex Norman: NSW, Annandale, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs
4 Ziggy Niszczot: NSW, South Sydney
5 Noa Nadruku: Fiji, Canberra, North Queensland

6 Gene Ngamu: New Zealand, Warriors, Manly, South Sydney
7 Ernie Norman: Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs
8 Dylan Napa: Cook Islands, QLD, Sydney Roosters

9 Bill Noonan: New Zealand, Canterbury, Newtown
10 Bryan Niebling: Australia, Queensland, Brisbane
11 Travis Norton: Queensland, Canterbury, North Queensland, South Queensland
12 Herb Narvo (C): Australia, NSW, Newtown, St. George

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13 Tawera Nikau: New Zealand, Cronulla, Melbourne


14 Fred Nolan: Australia, NSW, North Sydney
15 Jason Nightingale: New Zealand, St George Illawarra

16 Andy Norval: Australia, NSW, Eastern Suburbs
17 Clint Newton: Newcastle, Melbourne, Penrith

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