How to vote in the Aussie Helpers Hall of Fame Knockout


The Hall of Fame Knockout is on and you have the only opinion that matters.

Four players from each decade – from the 1910’s through to the 1980’s have been selected that are yet to be included in our Hall of Fame.

Voting will begin on Twitter where you will decide which of those four players was the best in his decade.

From there, that winning player, will then go up against a winner from another decade. This will happen on Facebook:
1910’s player versus 1920’s player
1930’s player versus 1940’s player
1950’s player versus 1960’s player
1970’s player versus 1980’s player

This will leave us with four players in the semi-final stage and voting will be open on both Twitter and Facebook.

From there, we will be down to two and again, voting will be open on both social media channels.

The winner will then be named and included in our Hall of Fame.

Facebook: Totally Rugby League
Twitter: The81stMintue

View the players below:

Dan Frawley
Duncan Thompson
Viv Farnsworth
Harold Horder

Frank McMillan
Benny Wearing
Herb Steinohrt
Jimmy Craig

Vic Hey
Joe Pearce
Jack Beaton
Viv Thicknesse

Herb Narvo
Arthur Clues
Patrick Devery
Bill Keato

Roy Bull
Harry Wells
Kel O’Shea
Brian Davies

Ian Walsh
Ken Thornett
Johnny King
Brian Hambly

Tom Raudonikis
John O’Neill
Bob McCarthy
Terry Randall

Ray Price
Gene Miles
Brett Kenny
Wayne Pearce

Stay tuned to our social media channels to get voting!

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