Sweeeet Caroline: Why we should all get up and sing with the Bulldogs boys



There is only eight teams left in the race to win the 2018 NRL Premiership in what is probably the most open competition we have seen in recent memory.

It’s September and that means finals footy!

What could possibly be better?

Wait for it…



Canterbury players on the front and back pages of The Daily Telegraph – pictured enjoying themselves on their Mad Monday. The problem for a very small minority is the fact that some of the players didn’t actually have all their clothes on. Footy players are strange creatures.

Amazingly, News Corp were there to snap the Bulldogs players (again).

MSN.com reported it this way: “It wasn’t long before things got out of hand with coach Dean Pay being tackled by twin brothers Brett and Josh Morris, while backrower Adam Elliott stripped naked and danced to Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ as other players grabbed his genitals.”

My goodness! That is just sick. Neil Diamond? Really?

And those evil bastard Morris twins bashing up little old Dean Pay.


Better still, all this happened within their own private party at The Harbour View Hotel – away from patrons.

But Curtis, they’re role models!

Yep, sure. Keep rolling that one out. Let’s blame footy players for your shit house parenting skills.

The fact that certain sections of the media are blaming the players despite there being no need to stalk them with a camera is beyond belief. Even more so when the same media outlet was asking local footy clubs to send in their Mad Monday photos just prior to their “exposé”.

Most supporters out there have had enough of the fake outrage. And they most definitely don’t care if a few blokes let their hair down after a season to forget.

Nobody is saying rugby league players should be allowed to drunkenly roam the streets causing public nuisance but there is a line in the sand and the Bulldogs definitely didn’t cross it.

Hey Peter Alexander… boys WILL be boys!

Sing it out everyone…

“Sweeeet Caroline!”.


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