Calls to bring back as Bill Harrigan as pressure mounts on Tony Archer and Bernard Sutton

Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns believes referees are being over coached and it’s now ruining the premiership.

It comes after another forgettable weekend for the whistle blowers.

“I’m blaming the direction they’re given and who’s coaching the referees,” Johns told Channel Nine’s Sunday Footy Show.

“It’s the constant chatter in their ear, touch judges — all game they’re talking to them.

“During breaks of play, you’ve got the coach up in the box constantly talking to them about balance and about how they’re refereeing, who’s off-side.

“Unfortunately for the referees, they have no feel for the game at the moment because of the directions they’re given. They’ve lost all confidence.”

Johns also called for the return of former referees boss Bill Harrigan.

“We should get Bill Harrigan back involved, to run the referees — the best referee I’ve ever seen, he has a feel for the game, he would put the responsibility back on the referees.”

A petition has also started calling for the sacking of Tony Archer and Bernard Sutton.

It currently has 447 signatures.

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