It must be rockin’ in Wollongong: Research suggests men become more aroused after their team wins


We here at The81stMinute are always looking out for our readers – that’s a fact, Jack!

That’s why we’re bringing all those frustrated wives and girlfriends the following public service announcement (yeah we’re nice, we know).

Sick of trying to get your partner’s attention on a Friday night while his favourite team is on the T.V?

Is he too busy at the pub watching the game with mates?

Maybe it’s time to stop hating the game because it may work in your favour.

According to research supplied to, a man is more likely to be aroused if his team gets the big W.

That could mean a big O for you!

“As a sports loving nation we’re pretty sure Aussie blokes feel the same way as our British counterparts,” the story reads.

“UK entertainment company Mecca polled more than 2,000 people and coming in at number 5 for the guys was a win by their sports team. This backs up a European study which found that the shared euphoria over a sporting victory makes us want to “spread the love” and what better way than sex.

“But a word of warning, the same study found a 45% increase in births exactly 9 months after the win they were researching.”

We’re guessing it’s pretty dry up in Townsville at the moment.

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