Mounties vs Wyong player ratings



Mounties 42 (B Abbey 2, J Kennedy 2, M Ravalawa, K Going, T Cornish tries, S Moceidreke 6 goals) def Wyong 6 (M Ikuvalu try; M Cornish goal) at Aubrey Keech Reserve.



1 Tyler Cornish 5: Limited chances with the ball with Abbey switching to fullback.
2 Mikaele Ravalawa 6: Didn’t let his coach down with a solid showing on the wing.
3 Ed Murphy 6: Another solid performer without being great.
18 Brad Abbey 7: Played mostly at fullback and bagged a double.
5 Sitiveni Moceidreke 6: Great day with the boot and had some nice touches.
6 Cooper Bambling 8: Our Wests Ashfield Man of the Match. Isn’t afraid to test the line.
7 Ata Hingano 8: Was awesome defensively and controlled the game nicely with the ball.
16 Emre Guler 5: Didn’t see that much of him.
9 Craig Garvey 8: Outstanding performance. Looked like dynamite out of dummy half.
10 Makahesi Makatoa 6: Had a big spell on the bench. Did enough.
11 Jarrad Kennedy 6: Scored a double and worked hard.
12 Jack Murchie 6: A constant threat on the edge.
13 Liam Knight 6: Made some tough metres through the ruck.

8 Royce Hunt 7: Really developing into a very handy prop.
14 Kalani Going 7: Built close to the ground but got through a mountain of work.
15 Sam Duggan 6: The best number 14 in the NSW Cup.
17 Mitch Cahalane 5: Limited minutes.

Total: 101




1 Luke Sharpe 6: Dangerous player who tried hard.
2 Chris Centrone 5: Few opportunities out wide.
7 Paul Momirovski 6: Did his best after being shifted to the centres.
4 Matt Ikuvalu 7: Scored Wyong’s only try and was arguably their best.
19 Reece Robinson 4: Barely mentioned.
6 Dean Matterson 7: Combined nicely with Cornish in a well-beaten team.
18 Mitch Cornish 7: Kept trying to create opportunities all game.
21 Frank Paul Nuuausala 5: Didn’t have an impact on the game.
9 Mitch Williams 6: Worked for the entire 80 but it just wasn’t his day.
10 Lindsay Collins 5: Solid first spell but barely since after.
15 Brock Gray 4: Can’t remember calling his name too often.
12 Sitili Tupouniua 6: Looked good with early ball.
22 Nat Butcher 7: Ate up the tough metres.

8 Eloni Vunakece 6: Produced plenty of offloads in the second half.
11 Reuben Porter 4: Few chances. 
13 Poasa Faamausili 6: Tried hard when given the chance.
14 Christopher Smith 5: Didn’t get on until the second half.

Total: 90



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