Matt Johns sends message to Eels fans: Don’t be worried about Jarryd

Premiership-winner Matt Johns says Parramatta fans should not be phased by Jarryd Hayne’s fitness issues.

Hayne is in the spotlight again at the Eels but this time for his physical size and troubles on the training paddock.

Johns however says Parramatta shouldn’t stress yet.

“If I’m a Parra fan, I’m encouraged that he is actually out there doing the training,’’ Johns told Triple M.

‘‘I reckon it’s been over a decade since he’s done this type of training. He’s been the sort of guy, talking to Hindy (Nathan Hindmarsh), who thought he didn’t need this kind of training.

‘’He’d prefer the speed (kind of training). You can’t (pick your training), but Jarryd was renowned for running his own race to a certain extent. He’s gone back to Parramatta and in a lot of ways he’s out of chances. This is his last chance. He’s lobbed up with Brad Arthur – and Brad Arthur’s from the Craig Bellamy school of fitness and he’s forced him to do this sort of training.

‘’At the moment his fitness levels are low but they’ll be on the improve. If I’m a Parramatta fan and I’m seeing this, even if he’s coming last, if he’s out there and he’s doing the k’s and he’s sweating the bullets, then for me that’s a good sign.’’

Hayne is expected to play centre in his return to the club.

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