Moylan partying to Hodkinson’s incredible gesture – our top ten most clicked stories of 2017



These are our top ten most clicked stories of 2017 – enjoy!


10: The tale of the Campbelltown Warriors and a writer with a death sentence in a barren wasteland

Another world away from the imperious kingdom of League Central – a warm, fuzzy cocoon of backslapping and self-importance – the Campbelltown Warriors A-Grade team run through their plays on a chilly Thursday night at Worrell Park.

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9: Wests Ashfield deny any involvement in blocking Magpies re-entry to Intrust Super Premiership

Wests Ashfield has strongly denied any involvement in suggestions the Western Suburbs Magpies Rugby League Club is set to be blocked from returning to the Intrust Super Premiership in 2018.

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8: Diary of a traitor and why a defeated Australia is best for business

The Australian Kangaroos have had a mortgage on top spot in the rugby league world for an eternity. Okay sure, they did lose the 2008 World Cup, a series or two and the number one ranking for a short amount of time, but everybody knows they’re the big dogs, right?

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7: Newcastle star Trent Hodkinson takes terminally ill girl to her formal

How beautiful is this and how great is rugby league when it can give back in such a way.

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6: EXCLUSIVE Western Suburbs Magpies will return to NSW Cup in 2018

The Western Suburbs Magpies will return to rugby league’s second biggest rugby league competition in 2018 when they run out in the Intrust Super Premiership as the direct feeder club to Wests Tigers.

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5: McLean is about as guilty of hurting McKinnon as fast bowler Sean Abbott was to the death of Phil Hughes

The day we all knew was coming has finally arrived. Mark it down, the 19th of December 2016, the day reports surfaced Alex McKinnon would sue the National Rugby League.

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4: When the hype takes over: Why Wests Tigers have dodged a bullet with Mitch Moses

When hype overpowers performance and here ladies and gentlemen is Exhibit A: Mr. Mitchell Moses.

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3: Target performing-enhancing drugs, not party drugs: James Graham

Highly respected Canterbury Bulldogs captain James Graham says players using performing enhancing drugs – not party drugs – should be targeted.

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2: Regret is a hell of a drug – Just ask Aaron Woods and James Tedesco

Cocaine is a hell of a drug – just ask Rick James. But there is a drug far more potent and can live with you forever if you let it. That drug is regret.

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1: ‘Smoking, drinking, acting like a 15-year-old’: The real reason Matt Moylan is now at the Sharks

It is a Saturday afternoon in Penrith – the crowd is restless. Their team, the Panthers, are having a shocker against the New Zealand Warriors.

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