Kidwell’s wimpy comments should have all Kiwi fans shaking in their boots


Kiwi coach David Kidwell is happy to speak to Tongan defector Jason Taumalolo post-match and says his New Zealand side won’t be “tapping into any emotion” in the lead-up to their blockbuster match this weekend.

Kidwell’s comments regarding emotion is the complete opposite to what their opponents Tonga have been doing – riding a wave toward this mouth-watering week three clash.

Despite numerous Kiwi legends blasting Taumalolo for supposedly disrespecting the New Zealand jersey, Kidwell is now happy to talk to the superstar forward.

“You know, time heals I suppose. Jason’s playing for Tonga and we’ve got guys playing for New Zealand,” Kidwell said.

“If the opportunity arises and I get the chance to talk to him, 100 per cent I will.”



New Zealand were ruthlessly clinical last weekend against Scotland while doing enough the previous week against Samoa.

The worry now is that the Kiwis won’t be able to match Tonga’s fire.

“We’re nice and relaxed and not tapping into any emotion or anything, just preparing the way we have been for the last three weeks,” Kidwell added.

Be worried Kiwi fans.

The Tongans are coming for you.


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