“Horrified” Meninga apologies to Thaiday for snub

Australian Coach Mal Meninga has apologised to veteran forward Sam Thaiday who let fly on his Instagram page on Tuesday over not being given a courtesy call after being left out of the World Cup squad.

Meninga was quick in his response on Wednesday.

“It was a complete and honest oversight,” Meninga told Fairfax Media.

“I didn’t handle it the best way, as he mentioned in his social media [post], and I agree it. I called him and apologised.

“He was doing a bit of venting. He’s had a bugger of a year, realistically and representatively wise. His club [Brisbane] say they don’t want him next year as well, so he feels unwanted. He’s given a lot to our game. He’s been a great warrior and servant for our game.

“Given my association with him over the last decade or more, he deserves more respect from me and the game. I can’t be more apologetic.”

Thaiday let rip on Instagram which received a mixed review from fans on social media.

“A bit of respect would’ve been nice,” Thaiday wrote on his page.

“To at least receive a phone call and learn about selection that way instead of through a leaked report from the media on last night’s news.

“After dedicating more than 10 years wearing the Maroon and Green and Gold jersey, you’d expect to be treated with a bit more decency and respect. I guess not.”




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