Gould calls for “amateurish” Bulldogs to blood new talent after another shocking performance

Premiership-winning Canterbury Coach Phil Gould has labelled the Bulldogs “amateurish” after another diabolical performance on Thursday against South Sydney.

Writing for the World World of Sports, Gould believes it’s time the Bulldogs some rookies.

“South Sydney players were accessed easy passage to the try line courtesy of some amateurish defensive efforts from individual Bulldog players,” Gould wrote.

“With their season over and no chance of playing finals football, the Bulldogs would be better off putting a few kids out there who actually want to play.

“The Bulldogs are in a bad place at the moment. Mind you, we’ve all been there. Any player or coach who has been in this game long enough will tell you, there are times like these where you just can’t seem to make it work. No one is immune to it. It’s take strength of character and perseverance to come out the other side. When you finally do, you wonder how you fell into that depression in the first place.

“The Bulldogs are a great club. Strong and resilient. They will rise again very soon.”


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