Josh McGuire is “foaming” to rip into New South Wales engine room says teammate

Queensland tyro Jarrod Wallace says the Maroons front row quartet can’t wait for Wednesday night and build on the foundations they set in Game II.

QLD’s young engine room outmuscled the more fancied NSW props but they’ll have to do it again in Game III if the Maroons are to take the series.

“Moose (Josh McGuire) will definitely be foaming at the mouth and big Naps (Dylan Napa) doesn’t mind chucking a shot on here and there,” Wallace said.

“It’s awesome to play with them. I’ve played with Josh a lot (at Brisbane) but I’ve only played against big Naps.

“Watching him put on the shots when he’s standing next to me, instead of putting them on me, is a good feeling.”

The Maroons will also boast the services of North Queensland hitman Coen Hess.


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