Dog’s season gone and Des Hasler could be next: Girdler

Former Australian centre Ryan Girdler believes the Canterbury Bulldogs are little chance of reviving their 2017 campaign with Coach Des Hasler in the firing line despite signing a contract extension earlier this year.

According to a report this week from The Mole on the Wide World of Sports website, Hasler’s new contract includes a performance-based clause where the Bulldogs would only have to pay Hasler a portion of his new contract if he was to be let go.

“Apparently there’s a clause in the contract that the club can trigger, saying they only need to pay him half of his wage out for those two seasons,” Girdler said on Triple M.

“I know Des’ record is pretty good. They’ve made the finals every year for the past five years but they won’t make the finals this year.

“Their performances on a week-to-week basis, they’ve lost six of their last seven, someone’s got to be held accountable.”

The Bulldogs play the last placed Newcastle Knights this Sunday with another loss sure to raise the tensions at Belmore.



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