I feel sorry for Jason Taylor: Sterling

Rugby league legend Peter Sterling feels sorry for sacked Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor with the former Australian halfback

“I feel very sorry for him, I don’t like any coach being sacked during the course of the season let alone three weeks in,” he told Wide World of Sports.

“Two weeks ago he was on top of the world and everybody was saying ‘well Jason Taylor’s finally got the side he wants, it looks like they look care free in their attitude, the type of football the Tigers love to play, but it’s all gone awry very quickly’”.

Sterling also said it wasn’t guaranteed that Todd Payten or Ivan Cleary would get the job in replacing Taylor.

“Todd Payten has to be released from elsewhere he’s tied up at another club now as an assistant coach, I don’t know how quickly that could be done and obviously Ivan Cleary is doing work with the NRL, but it’s got to be the right fit for Ivan as well”.

“You can’t just put your hand up, you’ve got to know the job is the right fit for you so it’s not a fait accompli, whilst everybody has got Ivan like a vulture waiting to come in and take any job available I don’t think that’s necessarily the case”.

Wests Tigers assistant Andrew Webster will take over in a caretaker role.

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