Our Knights group members meet with NRL CEO Greenberg in Newcastle

The Our Knights group have met with NRL CEO Todd Greenberg in Newcastle ahead of the NRL All Stars as they continue their “Our Knights One Chance” campaign in the hopes of taking the license back off the NRL and putting it in the hands of the Newcastle community.

Their plan is to copy the Green Bay Packers model of public ownership with the view of selling 40,000 shares at $500 each.

A number of the group’s members met with Greenberg on Thursday.

“It was fortunate that he was up here [for the All Stars game] and we appreciate that he found time to meet with us,’’ group member Rob Tew told the Newcastle Herald.

“We had a good and frank conversation.

“We told him where we are up to, what our objectives are, and we’ve asked him to go and think about some criteria that the NRL would like evidenced, in terms of the thresholds that we have to meet in community acknowledgement.

“We’re certainly not discouraged.

“We’re pressing on.

“He understands how important the club is to the community here, and the NRL understand how important the club is to rugby league.’’

The Knights have been in disarray in recent years with Nathan Tinkler’s doomed stay and eventual exit in 2014.

The NRL has run the finances of the club ever since.

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