Meninga rules out picking rugby-bound Radradra for Kangaroos

Australian coach Mal Meninga says rugby-bound Parramatta flyer Semi Radradra won’t be representing the Kangaroos again.

Meninga was up front when asked by

“No I won’t be,” Meninga said.

“If a player decides to go to another code, they’ll be in extreme doubt in my eyes.

“Semi is committed to another sport, and generally speaking we want to be developing and putting time into players that are staying in rugby league.”

Pressed whether he’d be considered if and when he returned the NRL, the coach said there was plenty of water to go under the bridge until then.

“That depends if he comes back, that’s another of those hypotheticals,” he added.

“It depends on who’s playing, we don’t know that two years down the track with hypotheticals.

“The rules have changed now. If we don’t pick him for Australia, Fiji can pick him.”

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