Bulldogs assistant coach Penna earmarks centre Kerrod Holland for a big 2017

Canterbury assistant David Penna has earmarked young centre Kerrod Holland for a breakout season after impressing at pre-season training.

“A lot of the younger boys have really impressed me. Kerrod ‘Dutchy’ Holland has come on really well and there are a couple of other young boys that are working really hard,” Penna told bulldogs.com.au.

“I guess it’s unfair to say who they are, but everyone in general has improved by at least 25% this side of Christmas.”

Penna acknowledged the Bulldogs had been working hard at their much-maligned attack.

“The main things are focusing on the things we have worked really on in defence and obviously in attack.

“We need to make sure that the boys understand their roles and understand what their needs are within the team.”

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