Pick Hayne over Tedesco for Blues: Tim Brasher

Former New South Wales Blues custodian Tim Brasher says he would pick Jarryd Hayne ahead of incumbent James Tedesco for State of Origin next year.

Despite rising to the top of the fullback ranks last season, Tedesco would be pipped by Hayne according to the Balmain legend.

“If Hayne’s playing great footy, he’s got to get the spot,” Brasher told AAP.

“He’s the best we’ve got at his best.

“But I think you have to find a spot for Tedesco. He’d be great in the squad either way.”

Brasher was quick to defend Tedesco who has been troubled by injuries, the last being a broken jaw that ended his season in 2016.

“It was the most recent of a string of frustrating setbacks during his five-year career.

“His problem is going to be staying on the field,” Brasher said.

“When he’s playing he’s fantastic. He’s one of the best out there.

“But his big thing is being consistent and staying injury-free. If he does that, I think he’ll be good enough to make the Origin team no matter where they put him.”

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