We ask the tough question: Is Semi Radradra in the top 70 Eels wingers of all time…We say..Nah!

We ask the tough question: Is Semi Radradra in the top 70 Eels wingers of all time…We say..Nah!

November 29, 2016 1 By The81stMinute


Breaking! Breaking! Semi Radradra is on his way back to Australia – again. The big fella has come back to face the music and a possible conviction for domestic violence. Woops.

Then there’s the fact he’s probably going to walk out on Parramatta to sign with some frog-eating rugby union team (Sonny did it, I wanna do it too!).

With big ol’ Semi in the headlines, we thought we’d head into The81stMInute’s state-of-the-art analysis room and break down just who is the best winger the Eels have ever produced.

Please note that these results have nothing to do with Semi and his plans to join ‘The Game They Play in Boredom’ over in oui oui France. Enjoy.

Top 70 wingers in Eels history (in no particular order):

1. Matt Peterson
2. Vai Toutai
3. Shane Whereat
4. Chris Hicks
5. John Williams
6. Wise Kativerata
7. Keith Gersbach
8. Clint Gutherson
9. Bureta Faraimo
10. Junior Langi
11. Jacob Loko
12. Reece Robinson
13. John Folau
14. Len Stacker
15. Jason Moodie
16. Bland Liles
17. Pat Richards
18. Etu Uaisele
19. Bevan French
20. Col Alterator
21. Peter Archibald
22. Colum Halpenny
23. Tony Wignell
24. Tim Patterson
25. Jim Porter
26. Scott Donald
27. Clinton Schifcofske
28. Luke Burt
29. Jeremy Ticehurst
30. Ken Sio
31. Robert Muchmore
32. Chris Walker
33. Steve Broughton
34. Brett Atkins
35. Danny Crnkovich
36. Mitchell Wallace
37. Jeff Perl
38. Adam Mogg
39. Ashley Graham
40. Keith Rugg
41. Joe Bartolo
42. Graeme Atkins
43. Garry Thomas
44. Krisnan Inu
45. Kevin Considine
46. Rod Collins
47. Olaf Prattl
48. Neil Hunt
49. Justin Hunt
50. Tony Chalmers
51. Michael Erickson
52. Ronald Prince
53. Brett Plowman
54. Owen Stephens
55. Jonathan Wright
56. Mark Robinson
57. Mal McMartin
58. Jordan Atkins
59. Terry Scurfield
60. Cheyse Blair
61. David Liddiard
62. Eric Grothe Sr
63. Eric Grothe Jr
64. Wayne Simonds
65. Neville Glover
66. Mick Delroy
67. Arch Brown
68. Ray Preston
69. Phil Howlett
70. Louis Takaraingi

71. Semi Radradra

Semi just misses out on the top 70 but wow what a strong field.

Join us next time for our list, ‘300 better Bulldogs players than SBW’

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