England can’t beat Australia: Danny Brough

England can’t beat Australia: Danny Brough

November 9, 2016 0 By The81stMinute

Scottish captain Danny Brough doesn’t believe England has the game to test Australia in a crunch Four Nations clash this weekend.

Brough’s Scotland led England 8-0 before being overrun but says Wayne Bennett’s team has too many errors to trouble the Kangaroos.

“England actually are a bit more physical,” Brough said.

“But Australia play very smart, very basic and don’t make many errors whereas I thought England made far too many errors to be a team to beat Australia next week.”

Brough hinted that Scotland had shown Australia the way to attack the English.

“They play a bit of a sit-in defence and don’t jam your men out of the back so we tried to go to the line and whip it out the back,” he said.

“We got them a few times and I think other teams will have a look at that defending with the personnel playing.”

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