Chairman John Grant on borrowed time as no-confidence letter hits League Central


John Grant’s time as ARLC Chairman is coming to a rapid end with all 16 NRL chairman’s reportedly issuing him a vote of no-confidence and want him sacked immediately.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the club bosses have sent a letter to League Central demanding Grant’s dismissal.

NRL Chief Executive defended Grant earlier on Thursday but the chairmen have now asked for an emergency meeting to oust the embattled Grant.

Four club chairmen walked out on a meeting with Grant and Greenberg on Wednesday amid frustration over the continued stalling to sign a new funding agreement.

Frustration in clubland has been brewing for months with a set salary cap still yet to be put in place for 2018 and beyond and are now equally concerned they won’t get the share of the salary cap they had been promised.

While clubs are only worried about themselves, the flipside is what the NRL has to worry about.

“We’ve got some concerns about where we’re heading,” Greenberg said.

“We’re not the only sport concerned about participation trends.

“What that means is we’ve got to think very carefully about our strategy and how we apply funds whether it’s in regional areas in the bush or in the city areas.”

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