Daley asked Gallen about Bird with Blues bench spot up for grabs

New South Wales captain Paul Gallen has revealed on Sky Sports Radio that Blues coach Laurie Daley had asked him personally about Jack Bird.

Gallen said it wasn’t the norm for Daley to ask Gallen about players.

“Before this camp the only person he has ever rung me about is Jack Bird,” Gallen said.

“He asked me if he was a good kid and I said yes because I really like Birdy, but I have no input in the selection whatsoever.”

Gallen also came to the defence of Dylan Walker who only received ten minutes of game time in Origin I from the bench.

“Poor Dylan Walker has copped criticism because of his game but that’s all Jack Bird would play as well,” Gallen said.

“Whoever plays that fourth spot on the bench is only going to get a maximum of 15-20 minutes in the game.

“If poor Jack Bird gets that spot and is thrown on in the last 10 minutes again he is going to cop criticism.”

Bird was excellent for Cronulla in their last gasp win over Canterbury nailing two Handyman Magazine Medal points.

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