October 20, 2021

Blake Ferguson’s subtle insult to Sharks and Raiders

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Sydney Roosters star Blake Ferguson has given former clubs Cronulla and Canberra subtle backhanders in an interview on the Denan Kemp podcast ‘The Locker Room’.

The former NSW centre who once famously told Cronulla he was signing with the Raiders because he thought they could win the premiership and was then consequently sacked by Canberra for repeated infringements said the Roosters were different to other NRL clubs.

“I won’t bad mouth my old clubs but this club, what they do inside the club, they make you feel like everyone is equal,” Ferguson said.

“At some places there is a hierarchy but at the Roosters it’s just all about love.

“We all bind to the same goal and our goal each year is to win a comp.

“There are no ifs, buts or anything about it.

“I feel really privileged to be playing in this team. No one is higher than anyone in our team, everyone’s equal and everyone has a voice.

“[Sydney coach Trent Robinson] has got a philosophy that’s different to many people, the way that he treats his players.

“He’s a people person so he doesn’t talk about football all the time. We’ll talk about family and how things are going at home, the conversations aren’t all about football. We have real conversations.

“Most footy clubs have fake conversation and no one is being real.

“At our club everyone’s real, they have real conversations.”

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