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Reports have surfaced that the NRL is close to accepting it’s next broadcast deal apparently worth around $1.7billion. It’s great news for some but should be great news for everyone. The salary cap is set to skyrocket once again which means the likes of Greg Inglis and Johnathan Thurston could potentially earn around $1.5million a season. It basically means the elite players’ contracts are going to balloon and it seems, once again, the fringe players are missing out.

Surely we need to look after our fringe players, the veterans, the ones heading over to the Super League and keep them in our game longer. We need to expand the first grade squad and open up the second-tier salary cap.

Why do we have to keep the elite players when we can keep everyone?

I’d much rather go see three grade of footy at one venue and watch a reserve grade competition full to the brim with quality players.



I’ve already rambled about how we can change the video referee system for the better in the first Quick Tap last week.

But can we please touch on how abhorrently annoying that bucket of KFC is getting every time a seemingly obvious try or no try is turned into a referee throwing it upstairs?

Let’s not even go into the suggestion that the NRL have directed the officials to continually call on the video referee because it’s “a great advertising tool”.

How about the fact that on one hand we have narcs crying about alcohol sponsoring rugby league and how it’s a bad image for the game but the same people don’t care about fast food restaurants like KFC advertising to their fat kids?

Obesity is an epidemic yet people don’t seem to care as much.

I have no problem with beer being advertised, but I have a problem with the non-issue that is fast food advertising. That’s the real problem.

Last season we had Michael Clarke and the Australian cricket team raving about being active and healthy and then see them five minutes later on a KFC ad chewing away at the colonel’s drumsticks?



I admit it, I love the Cronulla Sharks and I’ll be rooting for them in September.

They may not be the flashiest team in the competition but they’re playing some great rugby league and as always, play it their way.

In the last two weeks they’ve beaten Canterbury at a packed Belmore Oval and the New Zealand Warriors in Auckland.

Up, up Cronulla!



Interesting words from Canterbury captain James Graham who says he’s been worried about his image after his Good Friday suspension. The Englishman’s 2015 has also been hampered by injury but says he’s back to full fitness.

Graham finished in The81stMinute’s Player of the Year top five last year but has only managed two votes thus far in 2015.

Hopefully the big prop can get some form flowing ahead of the playoffs which the Bulldogs are expected to feature in.



Plenty of have already said it, but Geoff Toovey’s sacking is one of the dumbest decisions I’ve seen in quite some time. His record speaks for itself but when you have administrators gunning for your head, there’s not much you can do.

Since the start of the year, Manly’s plan has been to get rid of the club icon and bring in rookie coach Trent Barrett.

Maybe it’s time for all those that have been brought up hating the maroon and white to get behind them in their run to the finals if only for Toovey alone.

Imagine the egg on these suits’ faces if the Sea Eagles could make the final four or even the decider?

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