Roosters Pose Warriors Biggest Threat of 2015

Matthew Johns says this Sunday’s clash against the Sydney Roosters at Allianz Stadium will be the Warriors biggest test of the season.

“Like all serious contenders, the Roosters have a style of football, which brings out the opposition’s weakness” Johns wrote for The Daily Telegraph.

“The Roosters play field position very well. They do more than just complete sets. Their power game is second to none and they combine that with an aggressive rushing defence.

“The Warriors will not bully their way to victory this week.

“This is a match which will go the distance, and contain plenty of pressure moments.

“And Roosters’ coach, Trent Robinson is a man who prepares his side for these types of matches, as well as anyone who’s held a clipboard.

“And the Warriors player Robinson will be talking about all week is of course, Shaun Johnson.

“This Sunday represents one of the great challenges of Johnson’s career. He’s never been talked about as much as this week. The praise has been lavish and deserved.”

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