The Millennium Falcons: Bulldogs

The seventh installment of the legendary Star Wars franchise is on its way and The81stMinute is getting pumped for the late 2015 release with some Jedi tricks of our own.

Some of George Lucas’ greatest creations are returning too including the immortal character Han Solo.

We’re bringing back some of rugby league’s greats by announcing each club’s best seven players since the dawn of the new millennium and we’ve appropriately dubbed them, the Millennium Falcons.

Han Solo, millennium falcons, you get it right?

We continue with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

Don’t forget, you can join the debate on twitter with the hashtag #MillenniumFalcons!

Hazem El Masri
249 games

James Graham
79 games

Michael Ennis
136 games

Luke Patten
225 games

Steve Price
114 games

Andrew Ryan
218 games

Josh Reynolds
90 games



Join the debate on twitter with the hashtag #MillenniumFalcons!

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