Sailor and Tallis Blast Back Flipping Cherry-Evans

Rugby league great Wendell Sailor has slammed Daly Cherry-Evans’ decision to renege on the Gold Coast Titans to stay at Manly.

Writing for, Sailor says Cherry-Evans was within his rights but had played everyone for a fool in the process.

“The way it’s all happened is like a soap opera, it’s like The Bold and the Beautiful” Sailor wrote.

“I didn’t think he could stay at Manly after the way the fans and the board treated him after the reports emerged he was heading to the Gold Coast Titans.

“At no stage did I think he was going to stay after the initial news broke, especially considering I know his management group as well and that the Titans’ Aidan Sezer had been signed by the Raiders.

Sailor also believes, and quite rightfully, that it’s the fans who lose out.

“He was toying with the fans and the media a bit throughout the process. Every time he said he was going to the Titans he left a “but” about Manly having until round 13 to come up with something.

“But really, he hasn’t done too much wrong. It’s the rules of our game that are the problem and once again it’s the fans who get let down.”

While Australian and Queensland legend Gorden Tallis, who once sat out an entire season of football on principle, also gave it to the Eagles playmaker.

“A few people at the Ttitans, he gave them his word that he’ll be there but I never asked him that question,” Tallis told

“I should have asked him. I was in the dressing room with him the other day, so I should have looked him in the eye and said ‘are you going to go to the Titans? Tell me honestly’ but I didn’t.

“I didn’t think I needed to ask that question.”

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