RTS to Make Good on Deal and Move to the Warriors in 2015

Fans of the Sydney Roosters will be hoping for a backflip from Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. But the man himself has guaranteed he’ll be moving home to the New Zealand Warriors in 2015.

RTS is already one of the premier fullbacks in the NRL but still has plenty more improvement ahead of him.

“I am comfortable (with the decision) and I think I’ve just got to play it out and just keep going and the decision is what I made,” Tuivasa-Sheck told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s tough (the thought process). There’s decisions I have to make, stuff that happens, but at the moment I’m just playing and if I start thinking about that then I’m not performing.

The Roosters might be privately dirty that the kid they had put so much investment into was moving on, but that hadn’t stopped them from helping the youngster.

“The club is always helping me and supporting me so that’s a big thing,” he said.

“They’re supporting me whatever I choose and they’ve been good to me.”

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