Gould Against NRL Bunker System

He is one of the greatest minds in rugby league but Phil Gould is against the proposed NRL bunker system.

“I’m just worried about where this is going to go. It won’t happen in my life time but it will happen,” Gould said on Fairfax’s The Gus and Webby Show.

“The way they’re going on the road we’re on, in 20 or 30 years time, rugby league will be as slow as an NFL game. We will stop the play after every tackle and review what’s happened.

“That’s what referees will end up doing. If they get their way they will review every incident on the field. Cut them back, one referee, let’s get on with the game and take the good with the bad.

“I know I’m old fashioned and I know I’m a dinosaur in this regard but it’s the rub of the green. You take the good and the bad of the referee and get on with it because our game is about constant action.

“I’m getting annoyed at the amount of time our game is being slowed down, about players staying down, about players stalling time waiting for reviews. The whole system is irritating to me.”

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