NRL Finally Ready To Flick Round 13 Rule

The controversial round thirteen contract rule is set to be scrapped in 2016 with the NRL finally forced to make comment.

It comes in the back of the Daly Cherry-Evans fiasco that continues to drag the game down.

“I don’t think there’s a perfect system that exists anywhere in the world, but I think if you take it from a fan’s perspective they don’t want to see that sort of thing so we’ll take a look at it,” NRL CEO Dave Smith said.

“I’ll always look at these things from the fan’s perspective and if you’re a fan you want to make sure you can support the team that you spend your hard-earned money to watch. The game is an old game and there are a lot of things put in place historically that may not be relevant for the time, so we’ll check out if it’s still relevant for now.

“We’ll look at the contractual arrangements and if there’s a better system, we’ll come up with it.”

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