Earl Still Out in the Wilderness

He was the forgotten face but now it seems Sandor Earl is the only face left in ASADA’s drugs investigation.

Cronulla-Sutherland players have done their time, AFL’s Essendon were, rightly or wrongly, found not guilty, all the while Earl has already spent two years out of the game and still awaits sanctioning by ASADA.

Sandor’s mother Jan spoke to Triple M’s Grill Team.

“It’s all well and good for everyone to come out and say ‘now Sandor’s a scapegoat’ but you really don’t know what the family and what my Sandor has been through, the support has been not very great,” Mrs. Earl said.

“He’s lost what he loves doing and he just don’t have the money to fight anymore, he wasn’t a triple figure player he was just a ordinary player, all the money’s gone and he just has to get on with his life.”

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