Ben Ikin Wants More From NRL CEO Dave Smith

Former North Sydney Bear and Brisbane Bronco Ben Ikin says NRL CEO Dave Smith needs to be on the frontline more often rather than palming off question time to his colleagues.

Writing for Fox Sports, Ikin believes the game is more than just big business.

“Unfortunately we don’t see or hear from him enough” Ikin writes.

“Rugby league is the best soap opera in town. Not a week goes by without an issue that warrants explanation or a sanction of some sort from the game’s governing body.

“I also get that the NRL is now a big business, employing many competent people to manage the various parts of the game.

“But when the poo hits the fan, I want to hear from the boss. Not his head of football, not the COO or the Integrity Unit manager; the boss. And when he talks, not only do I want him to give me the NRL’s position on the issue, I want him to ‘sell’ me on why.

“Dave Smith is a smart man who has developed a genuine affection for rugby league, but if he continues to let others do the talking for him, fans won’t be given a chance to embrace his leadership or vision for our game.”

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