Wendell Sailor Defends Titans Players

Rugby league legend Wendell Sailor has taken to news.com.au to comment on the current “drugs scandal” on the Gold Coast.

“I know these are serious allegations at the Gold Coast Titans but we haven’t got all the information,” Sailor wrote.

“Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but, when so much is written and said, it almost changes to they’re guilty until they prove their innocence.

“The same thing happened a few years ago with Brett Stewart. He was stood down for a misdemeanour and was later found not guilty. He resented the way he was treated over that period.

“People need to understand the ripple effect and the people it hurts. The family members and friends.”

The81stMInute.com’s Curtis Woodward touched on the situation a few days ago.

“Some have this image of a major drug cartel of professional footballers better suited to a Hollywood script in their heads,” Woodward wrote.

“They’re idiots, meathead footballers, call them what you will.

“But the fact is, these guys chased something more than alcohol post-season and have been stung. They’ve been caught up in a seperate investigation and the rest is history.

“Drug dealers or idiots?

“It’s your choice.”

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