NRL Sunday

Broncos 24 (Oates, Maranta, Wallace, McCullough tries Parker 4 goals) def. Warriors 16 (Townsend, Allwood, Kata tries; Johnson 2 goals at Mt Smart Stadium. Crowd: 14,67.

3: Justin Hodges (Broncos)

2: Shaun Johnson (Warriors)

1: Chad Townsend (Warriors)


Sydney Roosters 34 (Kenny-Dowall, Tuivasa-Sheck, Ferguson, Jennings, Maloney, Tupou; Maloney 5 goals) defeated Canberra Raiders 6 (Croker; Croker 1 goal) at Allianz Stadium. Crowd: 9,582

3: Mitchell Pearce (Roosters)

2: James Maloney (Roosters)

1: Blake Ferguson (Roosters)

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