Mata’uita Brothers Re-Sign, Mess Continues


Newcastle’s three Mata’uita brothers have backflipped on their agreement with Canterbury and will stay at the Knights after an announcement today.

Sione, Chanel and Pat had agreed to terms with the Bulldogs but due to NRL laws, Newcastle still had a chance of keeping them.

On its own merrits, well done Newcastle.

But if you throw this signing/backflip/re-signing in with the Daly Cherry-Evans/Kieran Foran Manly fiasco, Brett Morris being released to the Bulldogs in pre-season and Trent Merrin announcing his Penrith deal, it’s an absolute mess.

All of this before round three!

And more is to come with superstar Greg Inglis set to hug the headlines despite his contract with Souths running through to the end of 2016.

More fringe players will be cut throughout the season only to be nabbed by rival clubs who know exactly when said player is being released.

This is sucking the life out of fans who are the only ones who lose out at the end of the day.

Club frees up salary cap room, another club purchases needed player, player gets paid, player manager gets percentage.

All within the “rules” of the game.

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