January 25, 2022

Supply That: Titans Players Only Guilty of Being Idiots

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Former Queensland State of Origin forward Ashley Harrison and former Titan Steve Michaels are the next and apparently last implicated in this “drug scandal”.

But go the the Queensland Government’s ‘Drug Offences’ page and read what “supplying” really suggests.

It reads:

“Supplying illegal drugs

Supply is a wide legal term and can include:

  • giving, distributing, selling, administering or transporting drugs
  • offering to give, distribute, sell, administer, transport or supply drugs
  • preparing to give, distribute, sell, administer, transport or supply drugs.

Just giving one of your pills to a friend is an offence and you can be charged with supply.

As well as the type and quantity of drugs involved, other factors are considered when evaluating the seriousness of a supply offence, such as if you were involved with supplying drugs to a child or near a school.”

Some have this image of a major drug cartel of professional footballers better suited to a Hollywood script in their heads.

They’re idiots, meathead footballers, call them what you will.

But the fact is, these guys chased something more than alcohol post-season and have been stung. They’ve been caught up in a seperate investigation and the rest is history.

Drug dealers or idiots?

It’s your choice.

Sidenote: I’ve also been told by at least ten solid sources that the AFL and Gold Coast Suns were caught in the investigation but that seems to be swept rather nicely under the growing AFL rug.

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